Lucie's ALS natural home made diet of food via PEG tube

FREE information about how Lucie Brunet continued to be nourished, with an alternative to Resource 2.0, through her PEG tube and Enteral feeding bag.
When Lucie had her PEG tube operation, it was recommended that she use Resource 2.0 as her food source. However:
(a) She had always eaten organic foods, so she would have preferred not to take Resource.
(b) She had a bodily reaction to Resource and could not take it. She thinks the reaction was to the milk proteins in it. She had always limited her intake of dairy products, because they produced mucus and a bit of inflammation, which became a big problem when her swallowing abilities decreased. So this meal plan does not include protein powders based on Whey.
(c) Lucie also had a mild inflammation reaction to Soy, which had not been a problem in her life until her swallowing ability was affected. So this meal plan does not use soy products.
*Lucie slowly gained weight on this diet, from 90 to 95 pounds on the bathroom scale.*  Her death resulted from breathing problems, not food issues.  A blood test by her doctor indicated no obvious nutritional deficiencies.
Equally importantly to her, she felt that the fresh foods and quality food powders and supplements she ate, maintained her essential vitality, a clear head. She was lucid and communicating until the day she died. 
The Resource product has advantages: it is easy to use, compact, MUCH less trouble when you are away from home, and it keeps you alive. It can be used in combination with this diet.  It would also be possible to a adopt a strategy of eating what is possible and taking other foods via the tube.
There is also a social aspect to this, eating the same foods as the rest of the family at meal time.
**Perhaps the main “take away” point is that it is possible to take whole foods through the PEG tube, to experiment and use common sense.**  The main issues have to do with physics: to strain the foods so they don't block the tube, to liquefy them enough so that they  flow, and that the food temperature be in the range between room temperature and body temperature, for stomach comfort.  Of course a Registered Dietitian should provide advice, but the person with ALS (and their supporters) takes the final decision.
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